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Fueling Your Logistics Growth with the Power of AI

12th March 4pm IST
Duration: 45 minutes

Embrace AI-driven Growth with Docktery

The logistics industry is a powerhouse driving global trade. However, manual processes can create bottlenecks, impacting efficiency and profitability. Docketry empowers logistics businesses with cutting-edge AI and automation solutions, streamlining operations and unlocking significant benefits.

Optimizing Your Logistics Operations with AI & Automation

Discover the power of AI and automation in reducing supply chain costs – a potential net profit doubler!

Learn how Docketry’s LLM, image analytics, and cognitive automation capabilities tackle complex logistics challenges.

Explore a range of automation opportunities:

  • Back-Office: Automate document processing with AI-powered “digital workers.”
  • Logistics: Optimize delivery routes, leverage autonomous vehicles.
  • Warehouse: Enhance efficiency and safety with AI-powered co-bots.
  • Quality Control: Automate inspections with AI-powered computer vision
  • Inventory Management: Utilize AI-powered bots and real-time inventory scanning.

Why Attend The Webinar?

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of how AI and automation can revolutionize your logistics operations.
  • Discover practical solutions to address common pain points like stamp detection and complex BOLs.
  • Learn how Docketry’s AI platform can optimize your supply chain for improved efficiency, accuracy, and cost savings.
  • Explore real-world case studies demonstrating the tangible impact of AI and automation in logistics.

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Meet our Speaker

Sreena K Kannan,

VP of Digital Business and Strategy
Sreena Kannan is a seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in business acceleration, marketing, and e-commerce. Her expertise extends to AI and automation, and she is an expert in identifying market opportunities for businesses with advanced technologies and translating them into successful growth strategies Sreena has helped many businesses leverage AI and automation to achieve significant efficiency gains and propel sustainable growth.