Intelligent document processing for healthcare 

Fuel your document workflows with Docketry, for higher patient satisfaction, and operational efficiency.


The healthcare industry is filled with vast amounts of diverse, complex and sensitive information, including patient records, insurance claims, and medical bills. Docketry helps healthcare organizations quickly and accurately process large volumes of patient information reducing processing time and risk of errors improving patient experience.


Healthcare organizations must comply with numerous regulations, such as HIPAA, which require the secure handling of sensitive patient information. Docketry helps healthcare organizations ensure compliance by securely processing and managing sensitive data.

Scalable document processing 

Process large volumes of complex and diverse documents faster and accurately.

Secure data processing

Safe handling of documents and sensitive information ensuring privacy and compliance.

Enhance patient experience 

Enable data synchronization across siloed systems and integration for better patient care.

Docketry for healthcare

Medical coding and billing automation

Extract relevant data from medical charts, diagnostic reports, and physician notes to automate medical coding and billing processes. Streamline revenue cycle management, reduce coding errors, and accelerate reimbursement for healthcare providers.

Prescription and pharmacy management

Facilitate the processing of prescription forms, extract patient details, medication information, and dosage instructions. Improve accuracy in pharmacy management, enhance medication safety, and streamline prescription fulfillment workflows.

Medical records digitization

Automate the extraction and indexing of data from medical records, including patient demographics, medical history, test results, and treatment details. Enhance accessibility, facilitate efficient record retrieval, and support comprehensive patient care.

Claims processing automation

Enable automated extraction and validation of data from insurance claim forms, medical invoices, and supporting documents. Accelerate claims processing, improve efficiency, reduce errors, and expedite reimbursement for healthcare providers.

Patient survey and insights

Streamline survey processing by digitizing survey forms and get actionable insights from feedback with sentiment analysis. Accurately capture information such as patient demographics, responses to survey questions, and feedback without manual handling.

Health insurance enrollment

Simplify the enrollment process by automating the extraction of data from insurance application forms, identification documents, and eligibility verification. This ensures accurate and efficient enrollment, minimizing manual effort and improving the overall patient experience.

Clinical research documentation

Automate the extraction and analysis of data from research papers, medical journals, and case reports. Expedites the review process, aids in evidence-based decision-making, and promotes advancements in healthcare research.

Patient onboarding automation

Automate the extraction of patient information from registration forms, insurance cards, and identification documents. Streamline the onboarding process, reduces manual data entry, and enhance data accuracy during patient registration.

KYC Data Processing Automation for a Multi-Specialty Hospital

A large super specialty hospital automated KYC processing and financial document processing with Docketry and improved patient satisfaction. 


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