Leading freight forwarder saves 20% of administrative costs by automating BoL processing in 3 months

A freight forwarder in the APAC region wanted to enhance their document processing efficiency by implementing an intelligent document processing solution instead of their existing OCR solution. The provider chose Docketry for its performance and cost-effectiveness. 


The existing process was inefficient, expensive, time-consuming, and required multiple human touchpoints. They wanted a solution that automates their documents, ensures fast and accurate outcomes, and eliminates manual intervention as much as possible.

Our solution

Docketry offers fast and accurate document processing in the logistics sector and we automated the entire BoL processing operations with Docketry.

  • Automated data extraction from source
  • Easy integration and setup
  • Automated BOL workflows
  • Straight-through processing
  • Custom notifications for each document processed


  • 90% reduction in data processing time
  • 98% accuracy in data extraction
  • 60 document formats of BOL (Bill of Lading) successfully processed
  • 20% cost-savings with automated workflows
  • 25K Documents processed in a month using Docketry in record time

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