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The logistics and supply chain management industry deals with diverse document types such as proof of delivery, customs documentation, freight invoices, order processing, contracts, compliance documents, bills of lading, etc that are critical for everyday operations. Docketry is built to revolutionize logistics operations and streamline logistics document processing workflows by optimizing document-intensive processes in logistics and driving efficiency across the supply chain. Docketry caters to various critical use cases in logistics, addressing the specific challenges faced by logistics providers.

Enhanced operational efficiency

Automate manual tasks, extract critical information accurately, and ensure data integrity with Docketry. Reduce processing time, minimizes errors, and eliminate bottlenecks for streamlined workflows and improved productivity. .

Data accuracy and visibility

Docketry enables logistics companies to have real-time access to reliable and up-to-date information, improving decision-making, supply chain visibility, and overall operational performance by ensuring accurate extraction and verification of data from logistics documents.

Audit and compliance

Automate the extraction and verification of data from various documents, including financial statements, regulatory filings, and compliance records with Docketry, and ensure accuracy, consistency, and compliance with industry regulations and auditing standards.

Docketry for logistics

Purchase order processing 

Automate order processing by extracting and validating order details, customer information, and product specifications from sales orders and streamline order fulfillment. 

Customs documentation processing

Expedite customs clearance, ensure compliance with regulations, and minimize delays in cross-border shipments with automated data extraction and validation of customs-related documents, including commercial invoices, packing lists, licenses, and customs declarations. 

Invoice processing 

Ensure accurate processing of freight invoices, customs invoices, warehousing invoices return merchandise invoices, or consolidated invoices for efficient payment processing and smooth supply chain operations. 

Proofs of delivery processing

Confirm deliveries, resolve disputes, and improve customer satisfaction by automating the extraction of key information such as recipient details, signatures, and timestamps from electronic proof of delivery documents, receipts, emails, bills of lading, etc. 

Shipping document processing 

Streamline the document-intensive workflows involved in shipping and freight forwarding by automated processing of shipping documents such as invoices, certificates, declarations, waybills, inspection certifications, and destination control statements. 

Bill processing and management 

Reduce manual errors and facilitate faster payment processing by intelligent processing of various bills involved in logistics such as shipping bills, bills of lading, bills of sight, bills of entry, bills of exchange, or waybills. 

Shipment and inventory management 

Get real-time visibility into shipments and inventory levels with a fully automated workflow that extracts and organizes data from various logistics documents, including bills of lading, shipping manifests, and inventory reports.  

Vendor and supplier management 

Automate extraction and validation of vendor information, contracts, compliance documents, and other critical data and simplify vendor onboarding processes and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Chemical manufacturer simplifies Bill of Lading processing with Docketry

A leading chemical manufacturer of crop protection solutions was seeking a solution that would help them to process Bill of Lading (BOL) documents faster and make them searchable. They found an efficient solution in Docketry for fast document processing and document handling. 


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