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In the manufacturing industry, a wide range of documents, including order forms, invoices, bids, tenders, sales orders, supply requests, credit memos, and standard operating procedures, play a crucial role in day-to-day operations. Docketry is specifically designed to cater to the diverse needs of the manufacturing domain, addressing the specific challenges faced by the industry. It serves as a comprehensive solution, resolving various critical use cases and providing efficient document management for manufacturing businesses.

Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

Docketry helps manufacturers to accurately extract and verify data from diverse documents. It ensures data integrity, reduces processing time, minimizes errors, streamlines workflows, and improves productivity.  .

Streamlined Supply Chain

With Docketry, manufacturers can efficiently process and analyze purchase orders, shipping documents, and supplier invoices. By automating these tasks, manufacturers can accelerate the procurement process, and optimize inventory management, resulting in a more streamlined supply chain.

Cost Reduction

By automating document processing tasks, Docketry helps in cost reduction associated with manual data entry, document storage, and retrieval. The increased accuracy and efficiency provided by Docketry leads to minimizing costly rework and improving overall cost-effectiveness.

Docketry for Manufacturing

Invoice Processing

Automates invoice processing, extracting key data like vendor details, invoice numbers, and line items. Accelerates invoice approvals, reduces manual errors, and enhances financial visibility.

Order Form Processing

Streamlines order form processing, capturing critical information such as customer details, product specifications, and quantities. Automates data extraction, speeds up order fulfillment, and improves accuracy.

Change Request Management

Simplifies change request management by automatically extracting relevant details from change request documents that can effectively reduce processing time and ensure seamless collaboration across teams.

Proposal Management

Streamlines proposal management by automating essential data extraction from Request for Proposals (RFPs) resulting in accelerated response times, enhanced proposal accuracy, and improved win rates.

Quality Record Management

Centralizes quality record management, captures, and analyzes data from quality reports, test results, and compliance documents that enables to track quality metrics, identify trends, and implement corrective actions to maintain high product standards.

Sales Order Management

Automates sales order management, extracting key details from sales orders and integrating them with ERP systems that helps to enhance order accuracy, streamline fulfillment processes, and improves customer satisfaction.

Order Processing Management

Optimizes order processing, and data extraction automation from various order-related documents that facilitate efficient order tracking, reduce manual effort, and ensure timely delivery of products.

EXIM Document Management

Simplifies EXIM (Export Import Management) document management, extracting critical information from documents like bills of lading, certificates of origin, and customs declarations.

Popular fashion label implements intelligent document processing for accurate data capture

This case study examines how the implementation of Docketry addressed the challenge of manual data entry faced by a fashion garment manufacturing unit in Asia. The company receives customer order forms from multiple agents in various formats, leading to time-consuming data entry work for the employees.





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