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Unlock cloud-native document intelligence with Docketry

Docketry is designed with advanced AI/ML algorithms to securely handle complex documents effortlessly, extract data with industry-best accuracy, scale with confidence, flexibility in deployment, and create a seamless user experience across industries.

Intelligent data capture

Every document processed is optimized for accuracy, cost, and quality with our extractor picker that gets the most suitable algorithm for every document from the cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms that fuel Docketry.

Template-free processing

Worry no more about the thousands of templates and variations. Whether you have structured, semi-structured, or unstructured documents, Docketry understands them and handles them effortlessly.

Easy deployment

Easily configure and integrate with existing processes or applications with a simple installation procedure with Docketry API/SDK packages. Set up easily on the cloud, on-premises, or as fully managed SaaS.

Accelerate productivity

Automate your document workflows minimizing errors and manual intervention with real-time analytics and improve productivity by 7 times with straight-through processing and end-to-end document automation.

Tiered Pricing

With Docketry tiered subscription model, choose the right package for your business based on the number of documents and get the best pricing in the industry whether you are a medium-sized business or an enterprise.

Error-free processing

Get field-based confidence scores, response time, accuracy level, and threshold value with every document allowing manual verification for fields with confidence scores lower than the threshold to ensure 100% accuracy.

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Do more with your documents

Let’s face it. Document processing can be tedious, time-consuming, and tiring when done manually and is a major bottleneck in your workflow.

This is why we have designed our intelligent document-processing solution with cutting-edge AI/ML algorithms to simplify document processing for you.

Document Summarization

Get the key information in every document summarized without having to read.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the sentiments and emotions behind texts and get to know your customers.

Document Search

Use global document search to find any documents related to search keywords.

Fraud Detection

Use advanced analytics and pre-set validation rules to process and validate signatures. 

Transform your document workflows with Docketry

Don’t get drowned in the deluge of documents. Transform your complex documents into structured data and drive growth with, faster low-touch/no-touch document processing, superior customer experience, and higher ROI.

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