Accelerate banking and finance operations with document intelligence

Effortlessly extract data from complex financial documents and streamline banking and finance document workflows with Docketry

Compliance and Risk Management

Meet regulatory requirements, enable proactive risk management, and facilitate adherence to regulations like KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering), and GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with ease. Automate compliance monitoring with Docketry by extracting relevant information from documents and identifying potential compliance issues or anomalies.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide better customer experience by automating document-driven processes like customer onboarding, loan applications, and account management with Docketry. Docketry reduces processing times, eliminates errors, and help provides a more seamless and satisfying experience for customers.

Data-Driven Insights

Unlock valuable insights hidden within documents, enabling data-driven decision-making by extracting information from diverse sources with Docketry. Enable trend analysis, risk assessment, market research, and strategic planning, ultimately driving business growth and innovation with accurate data.

Docketry for Banking and Finance

Mortgage processing forms

Revolutionize mortgage processing by automating the extraction of crucial data from mortgage documents. Say goodbye to manual data entry as Docketry effortlessly uncovers borrower information, employment details, loan amounts, and more, streamlining the entire mortgage processing workflow.

Account opening and closing forms

Make account opening and closing processes seamless by easily gathering information from account opening and closing forms. Automate extraction of key fields such as dates of birth, taxpayer identification numbers, and social security numbers reducing manual effort and ensuring accuracy.

Customer risk-profiling forms

Simplify the capture of customer risk profile data by extracting details from questionnaires and similar documents and unlocking essential information like names, annual salaries, customer locations, and other pertinent data, enabling more accurate risk assessments.

Automated commercial lending data extraction

Streamline your commercial lending document workflows from end to end by extracting data even from non-standard financial statements with ease. Enable automated financial spreading with accurate and clean financial data by analyzing cash flows, calculating financial ratios, and gaining deeper insights into customer risk profiles with ease.

Creditworthiness assessment

Easily extract data from various documents, including income statements, balance sheets, bank statements, credit card statements, identification and address proofs, and salary slips to accurately determine customer creditworthiness and track records efficiently.

Check data extraction

Classify and extract data from various types of checks, including personal and business checks, deposit slips, money orders, and travelers' checks. Easily handle challenges like different formats, diverse handwriting styles, and noise, ensure smooth check processing, and reduce fraud risks with Docketry's high-accuracy data extraction capabilities.

Fraud detection and prevention

Enable real-time fraud prevention for banks by detecting signature forgery, content alteration, and payee match discrepancies. Integrate fraud prevention seamlessly into banking systems, providing enhanced transaction monitoring, reduced false positives, and improved accuracy rates.

Invoice processing

Automate the extraction of key invoice information such as vendor details, invoice numbers, dates, line-item descriptions, and amounts. Accurately capture and validate data from invoices, enabling faster processing, reducing errors, and improving accounts payable efficiency.

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