A renowned bank in the US enhanced customer satisfaction with a fast and easy onboarding process with Docketry

A leading bank in the US brought down document processing time for customer onboarding from 45 minutes to less than 1 minute with Docketry and improved customer satisfaction 


  • Dependency on manual processing of KYC documents and onboarding forms
  • Document processing took about 45 minutes per application
  • Delayed customer onboarding due to lengthy processing time
  • 6000+ customers onboarded every month
  • Low operational efficiency and customer satisfaction

Our solution

  • Fast and accurate data extraction
  • Minimal human intervention
  • Seamless integration with existing workflows
  • Security and compliance
  • Fraud prevention
  • Feedback analysis


  • 97% KYC processing and forms processing automated
  • 70% cost reduction
  • 10X faster customer onboarding
  • 99% reduction in document processing time
  • 90% reduction in manual working hours
  • 75% improved customer satisfaction

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