Document automation for insurance industry

Accelerate your insurance processing workflows with  Docketry’s faster, smarter, and better document processing.

The insurance industry is document heavy, and the turnaround time of every document adds to the processing time for claims and policies impacting the response time, cost of operations and customer experience.


Docketry is designed to process complex and unstructured insurance documents and minimize manual steps with document automation. Be it general insurance, health insurance, property & casualty insurance or motor insurance, Docketry can process diverse documents and variations reducing document turnaround time from days to hours.

Claims processing management

Automate claims processing workflows, lesser manual intervention and increase productivity.

Data-driven decision making

Reliable, secure and error free data extraction with analytics to boost confidence in your data.

Better customer experience

Easy customer onboarding, faster claims settlement and greater customer satisfaction.

Docketry for insurance

Claims Processing Automation

Streamline and expedite claims processing workflows and automate the extraction and validation of critical data from health insurance claims.

Customer Onboarding

Enhance the customer onboarding experience by automating the extraction and validation of customer information from application forms.

Medical Records Digitization

Optimize medical records management by digitizing paper-based or scanned documents by efficient indexing, categorizing, and retrieving patient records.

Mailroom Automation

Streamline mailroom operations by automatically capturing and categorizing incoming mail, including insurance-related correspondence and claims documents.

Invoice Processing

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of invoice processing by automatically extracting and validating invoice data, such as provider details, service codes, and billing information.

KYC Processing

Streamline Know Your Customer (KYC) processes by automating the extraction and verification of customer data from identification documents, such as passports or driver's licenses.

Bulk Document Processing

Handle large volumes of documents efficiently whether it's processing a backlog of claims, reviewing historical records, or analyzing policy documents.

Medical Examination Questionnaires

Simplify the processing of medical examination questionnaires to enable efficient review and analysis, streamline underwriting processes, and facilitate faster decision-making.

How an insurance TPA giant saved 60% operational costs with document automation 

A reputed third-party administrator and independent claims adjusting company based in the US sought to improve operational efficiency while reducing overall costs and improving customer satisfaction.


Reduced document processing time by 70%


85 % reduction in errors

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